One Ning To Rule Them All?

I just posted a reply to a forum discussion about possible Skypecasts about using Ning. What was funny about this is that I posted a reply regarding the possibilty of using Steve Hargadon‘s idea for the EduBloggerWorld work. Needless to say, I think I sort of confused Steve. (Steve, I’m not an idiot, really.) But this got me thinking some more… there are so many networks, I am getting confused myself sometimes. No wonder our teachers are dizzy about technology… their heads are spinning.

Anyways, I like the simplicity of this Ning network… All education, all the time. Same education channel, same educational time. It seems that this might be the “One Ning To Rule Them All”. Well, at least for education.

So where do you start teachers new to social networking? Facebook (ah!), MySpace (ah! ah!) or with one where they know they’ll be getting into it with fellow teachers? I vote for the latter.

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4 thoughts on “One Ning To Rule Them All?

  1. Hello Brian,

    I wrote to Steve last night asking him the very same questions that you have had. There are actually fundamental differences between Steve’s three Ning projects. According to Steve:

    “Ning in education is specifically for educators who are USING Ning to set up their own networks.”

    In other words, is more to discuss the uses of Ning itself, in educational settings, than to discuss non-Ning-related pedagogy and practice.

    Hope this helps,


  2. That makes sense given that Ning is interested in the use of their networking tool in education. However, in light of what we are trying to do (get others to use networking and the like) isn’t it confusing to have so many networks? Where does one start? Shouldn’t we be thinking in terms of simplicity?

    It seems that the Ning in Education network could serve as the starting off point for educators new to networking. They could then join a group dedicated to their specific content area, level, interest etc. Thinking of our global colleagues, groups might have different naming, but none the less have the same purpose. If desired the educators could, as they move along the continuum from consumer to commenter to contributor/commenter, jump to the more specific Ning networks (i.e. – Classroom 2.0, EduBloggerWorld, etc.)

  3. I don’t think that is designed to be the entry point – rather, Classroom 2.0 is meant to fill that role. When I have teachers interested in learning more about online teaching tools (etc.), I refer them to Classroom 2.0 because there is an excellent wiki associated with the online community. If they just want to learn about the tools, the wiki is perfect. If they want to interact with other educators, the ning works.

    Again, according to Steve Hargadon, Ning in Education is all about specifically that: how to use Ning in education.

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