Getting Others Started in E-Learning

I had the pleasure of being informally interviewed by Sue Waters from Perth, Australia. Sue had reached out to her network of online colleagues (via Twitter, Google Talk, and Gmail) to solicit input on how to get other educators to experience the benefits of e-learning. The interview was a conversation and she did a good job editing out my stumbles to make me sound smarter than I am. This morning Sue sent me a message that others were listening to what I along with Darren Draper had suggested for getting others involved in e-learning.

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This video creation stuff is powerful. I need to get going on creating short informational videos… anyone have an hour or two to lend me?

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One thought on “Getting Others Started in E-Learning

  1. Unbelievable I have been so busy that I forgot to come back and thank you on your post for doing the interview. I am so pleased that so many people around the World are finding the advice you gave to be beneficial. Lets both agree that late at night you are much better at making sense than me.

    I am looking forward to the results of your questions (did you manage to convert my interview?)


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