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I witnessed something today, something that I feel we should all see, everyday.  After catching a tweet from my Twitter network I learned that Google released Google Presentations today.  But that wasn’t what I witnessed.  I saw a complete devouring of a web application.  It was almost stripped down to the network cables.

Listening to WOW2 tonight (first time listener) I entered during a discussion that reminded me that this wasn’t the first time I witnessed this happen.  Back in June at NECC those populating “The Bloggers Cafe” were chatting, playing and learning like children. There they were devouring Twitter .  They seemed so different from what we are used to in watching educators collaborate. Their energy was palpable.  Their enthusiasm for being together and working through the new tools, comparing notes on sessions and what’s next was inspiring.  I want more of that around me, or at least connected to me.

Today, I witnessed today the same energy, but this time from my office (a blah boring cube).  A “mob” (credit to Bernie Dodge) flocked to a Google Presentation created by Vicki Davis to learn all about Google Presentations live.

What I “saw” was learning in it’s truest form.  I observed a group of interested individuals collectively devour the new application from Google.  As the “mob” increased, more of the tool was disected and consumed by the collective group.  Using the chat feature, embedded in the presentation mode, individuals posted questions and others set off to see what the application could handle and what what it could not. The really cool thing was that they were learning together.  The presentation, to start, was messy as contributors simply tried out the features, asked questions, and problem solved to devour the application in one afternoon.  Although it’s still a demo presentation, by the end, it resembled more of a presenation worthy of presenting.

Thinking further, even with the little bit that I was able to contribute and pick up, I realized that the group was learning together instead of learning individually, saving time for all.  Time.  The educators nemesis. 

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