I’m So Proud.

So some of you may know that my wife is an educator in an elementary school.  She’s taught 4th grade for years, as well as some 3rd grade, but this year she’s in a totally different role.  She doesn’t have a class.  She has all of them (including the teachers).  She has designed, with the help of some grant funding, a Math, Science & Technology lab for her school.  Yes, the technology is there, but that’s not what I want to draw you to.  It’s the essence of what is happening there that really strikes you.  Inquiry, problem-based learning where students are acting, well, like learners.  So are the teachers, take this quote from a teacher whose classroom is located right next door:

Thank you for leading by example and showing a new facet of education that was not part of my courses when I was preparing to become a teacher.

Take a peek inside what the MST Portal is all about and leave your comments and links to similar classrooms.

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